The Arsonist’s Sister (Hardcore NSFW)

This one's an Azur Lane fan fiction and a pretty hardcore comission I've fulfilled, also the first. That said it's not for everyone. The Commander Blink gets NTR'd by his lover Takao. Trigger Warnings: Drugs, Rape, Incest, Mindbreak, NTR Download: The Arsonist's Sister

Rope Bunny Part 1 – (SFW-ish)

This time we present the rest of the cast, but the main star is Chouko, the Bondage-Loving bunny girl, she's a soft chubby cutie who's sure to catch more than a few hearts. Download: Rope Bunny

No Backup

Heavily inspired by La Femme Nikita, No Backup follows Agent Katherine Rowan as she struggles in her endeavors to stop worldwide threats at their roots.  Set on a slightly futuristic world where the research in Strong AIs has progressed leaps and bounds over what we have today, and cybernetic enhancements are commonplace, I hope you … Continue reading No Backup